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Technology Advice Podcast

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Technology Advice Podcast

Tom Edwards, the Executive Vice President of Strategy and  Innovation here at   The Marketing Arm, was recently invited to be a guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on the digital marketing land scape. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner, explores a variety of business and  technology verticals through conversations with industry leaders.

Edwards joined Buckner to discuss modern day digital, social, and  mobile innovations, the importance of bridging technology and  marketing, and  the four core elements that bring a campaign to life.

Complete podcast:

Below are a few of the highlights from our conversation:

TA: Tell us about what life is like at TMA and  some of the projects you work on everyday.
Tom: At The Marketing Arm, we’re really a consumer engagement agency, so that touches a wide range of project types. Everything from digital, to promotional, to talent, to production, to just a number of different types of projects that come across my desk on any given day.

I’m a part of the digital engagement division and  we service about 16 core clients, everything from Exxonmobil, to GameStop, to name just a few organizations. So over the last 15 years, my role within the industry has really shifted from starting more on the technology side, and  really kind of incorporated being that bridge between technology and  marketing.

As digital continues to progress, we’ve seen it all: the end of the dotcom boom, massive portals, the rise of consumer social. All of these different types of trends we’ve seen definitely had a hand  in touching and  guiding different project types across multiple platforms and  different routes of sale. It’s been a fun, interesting ride and  it continues to get better.

TA:  What suggestions do you have for a team trying to compare and  find the right   marketing automation vendors? What should they be looking for?
Tom: Portability. So if I’m able to either leverage a tool that can aggregate content, redistribute, visualize things that can basically whether it’s a seamless flow, whether that’s your API through an SDK or whatever it may be, like that’s what I’m ultimately looking for now.

I’m looking for how can this one piece fit into the larger strategy that I’m trying to deploy and  continue to add value without adding additional barriers or additional layers, that’s really the key piece. Because we’re touching so many different channels, everything from top line awareness via digital all the way down to shopper and  point of sale.

So making sure that we can have programs that can work in scale. Scale is another key piece for us too and  the data considerations depending upon local versus global so there are a lot of different pieces that we look at when we’re evaluating but for me, it’s how can whatever tool that you’re leveraging best provide value for everything as a whole versus just one specific piece or one specific function.

To learn more about The Marketing Arm, visit Connect with Tom on Twitter   @BlackFin360 and  follow his blog at Be sure also follow   @TheMarketingArm.

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This podcast was created and  published by   TechnologyAdvice. Interview conducted by   Clark Buckner.