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TED Talks

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TED Talks

This Friday morning we kicked off TED Talks, an agency culture project to be curated by John Kelly. For those unfamiliar with exactly what TED is, TED started as an annual conference in the Sillicon Valley area focusing largely on educating people about technology and  design. This explains the acronym TED, which is short for Technology Education Design. Over the years TED rapidly outgrew its humble beginnings and  evolved into something of a mega conference. Today it’s near impossible to to get in– a ticket requires a personal invite and  $6,000.

Luckily many of the TED talks and  speakers are filmed and  a number of videos have been released online for free via creative commons licensing. This is a great resource for the general public, and  now TMA staffers can experience the best of TED with John’s TED Talks. Every Friday after Creative Soup John will be hosting a screening of some of the best TED talks around. We know that at TMA ideas can come from anyone and  anywhere; the hope is that in viewing these short videos we can find inspiration and  make connections between fields as disparate as architecture and  medicine and  our own. For those who couldn’t make it to the first meeting, check out the TED Talk above from Bjarke Ingels on the radical thinking behind the design of his buildings.