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The Art of Beautifying QR Codes

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The Art of Beautifying QR Codes


Meet   Yiying Lu, the tech-savvy artist who created the iconic   Twitter ‘Fail Whale’ logo and  now the creator of “Beautiful Traps,” her latest art project in which she hand  paints QR codes into portraits of carnivorous plants.

Lu uses mostly watercolors to incorporate the   QR codes — scanning them pulls up a video of the painting process, hand ily viewable on your mobile device of choice.

Rarely do nature and  technology interact in such an unexpected and  delightful way, and  through this project, Lu shows us that art and  technology can go hand -in-hand  to create incredible images.

With the rise of QR code artists   Kyle Trowbrdige,   DataSpaceTime,   Mini Masters, and  the   QR_Stenciler, it seems that we’re reaching a tipping point with QR code art. They’re popping up at galleries, on business cards and    T-shirts now; it only makes sense that they manifest in art. Since we’re already hooked on snapping pics of art with our smartphones, why not get QR code data as well?