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The latest Platform news with Tom Edwards

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The latest Platform news with Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards, EVP of Strategy & Innovation, talked about the latest in platform news from last week.

Q: What do you think was the biggest platform news for the week of April 27 in terms of having the biggest immediate impact for mobile marketers?
TE: The biggest immediate impact is the Google and  Twitter DoubleClick partnership. This move will further align the two and  allow marketers to expand  measurement and  attribution across campaigns. The fact that Twitter inventory will also be available through DoubleClick Bid Manager is also appealing.

Q: Which news can they take a wait and  see approach to?
TE: Facebook integrating video calling into messenger is another step towards a truly enhanced messaging experience. By launching messenger as a platform as well as a beta program tied to customer service, Facebook is looking to create a new avenue for 1:1 commerce. It will be a wait and  see approach for now but the more traction and  engagement they can drive through messenger the higher the probability it will create new opportunities for marketers.

Q: What steps should marketers be taking in the near term to address these developments?
TE: It is important to continually monitor platform announcements and  new strategic partnerships. As the platforms shift, we must look to create new use cases or adjust existing frameworks and  attribution models to continue to create value and  extend our marketing partners mobile investments.