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The Marketing Arm does Digital Dallas

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The Marketing Arm does Digital Dallas

Recently, the Marketing Arm was invited to speak at Digital Dallas, a monthly meetup among the Dallas Digerati. Among those present ¬†were agency folks, non-agency folks, creatives, designers, programmers, stragegists, PR types, and  people generally interested in the digital space.

Last night, some TMAers and  members of the ATT client team came together to speak on a promotion created for TOMS shoes. The program was unique in many aspects, involving the largest number of prizes given out on Gowalla to date and  the largest area of prizing distribution.

Towards the end the crowd got a bit unruly, but it was due to the drinks and  text messages notifying some of the audience they had just won a free pair of TOMS shoes! Props to Brad Alesi and  Adrienne Barber for sharing the stage to represent TMA. If you weren’t able to catch the preso, check it out on Slideshare   here.