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The Next Frontier For Social/Mobile Integration

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The Next Frontier For Social/Mobile Integration

Q & A with   Larry Weintraub, CEO of   Fanscape

When it comes to your campaigns, where does your ideation begin?

A question we ask our clients is, “does it look like they’re a very visual company?”  If that’s the case, then YouTube might be the most appropriate marketing channel.

The good thing is that people in the conversation already have some idea of where they are.  It’s taking a look at where the brand  is.

It used to be about “let’s get you in the game” versus “let’s connect the dots.”  I don’t sit around and  think about mobile versus social.  They’re almost one and  the same in some instances.

What is the next frontier for social/mobile integration as you see it?

I think the goal is to try to drive social to monetization.  In other words, monetizing social media.  The question is: are you taking people’s opinions and  turning them into results?