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The Wireless Weekly: 1.12

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The Wireless Weekly: 1.12


  How Mobile Shopping Could be as Big as Online Shopping
A study released by ForeSee results showed that smartphones are increasingly playing a more important role in how shoppers make purchases. According to the study, this year 11% of shoppers used a smartphone to make a purchase as compared to 2% of shoppers last year. While mobile shopping is still in its early years people are using it the same way they used the early internet; to research products. However, with barcode scanning and  apps that help shoppers find and  purchase items with the lowest price from any location, mobile shopping could easily take off as soon as the majority has access.

  Android Catching up to Apple
According to a recent survey conducted by Nielson, Google’s Android OS is quickly catching up Apple’s iOS. The survey, which tracked smartphone purchases over the past six months, shows Android accounting for 27.5% of purchases at the beginning of the survey (the month of June) and  ending at a high of 40.8% of smartphone purchases. Apple’s iOS started at 20.9% and  remained relatively flat over rest of the period, ending at 26.9% of all purchases. While there are a number of factors to attribute to each– Apple’s once a year updates and  the continued development of Android and  release of Android compatible devices, the numbers don’t lie.

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