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The Wireless Weekly: 1.19

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The Wireless Weekly: 1.19

Image via Engadget

Top Stories

  Apple App Downloads Closing in on 10 Billion
As the app store counter continues to creep upwards, it’s only a matter of time until it eclipses 10 billion downloads. In celebration and  self-congratulation of the event, Apple created a page on the iTunes store that reveals that top 10 downloads of all time. There are some givens (Facebook and  Pand ora, I’m looking at you), and  some completely unexpected (iFart mobile?). The only question left unanswered is how many downloads that fart machines account for out of that 10 billion.

  Leaked Images of HP Tablets Emerge
Since its acquisition of Palm last year, the world has been waiting to see what HP would do with the webOS that came with its purchase. Now a few renders of two separate tablets, a 9-inch model called “Topaz” and  a smaller 7-inch, “Opal”, have found their way onto the Internet. While it’s too early to speculate on the specs of the machines, the images show a front-facing camera, USB port, and  speakers on the bottom. Expect a slick UI to match the equally slick no-button design.

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