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The Wireless Weekly: 1.26

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The Wireless Weekly: 1.26

Top Stories

  Facebook for All of Mobile
Last week, Facebook announced they had finally created an app for feature phones. While the news made little noise, the ability to access Facebook using a GUI (instead of text based as with Facebook Zero) is an initiative that could help Facebook accrue over a billion users. The app will initially be available on 14 different operators and  work on more than 2500 devices.

  iPhone to Get Multitasking Gestures
If you thought the iPhone’s UI couldn’t get any more simple, think again. Recently a leaked video of some new iOS features hit the web, and  among theme are, you guessed it, gestures. From the looks of it, users will be able to switch between apps by swiping with four fingers. While that was the only feature demoed, more could be coming in the next iOS update. Well, unless your hand s are too big.

Learn and  Teach

–   Facebook beginning to use “likes” and  check-ins as targeted ads
–   Bemoko to work with Alterian