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The Wireless Weekly: 11.11

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The Wireless Weekly: 11.11

  US mobile data traffic to exceed one exabyte in 2010
The past year has seen huge increases in the amount of mobile data used– mobile data usage is up 112% from 2009. It’s no surprise; according to Chetan Sharma, a wireless industry analyst, in Q3 alone 47% of all phone sales were smartphones. For reference, one exabyte is one billion gigabytes.

  Sharp to launch two 3D Android hand sets in Japan
The last few years mobile has seen amazing advancement in technological capabilities. Now huge gaming companies like Nintendo and  Sony are seeing phones like the iPhone chip away at their market share as developers see the opportunity and  profit in the mobile space. Some companies are trying to take advantage of this; Sony made big news when leaked pictures of its Playstation phone made the rounds. This week, Sharp unveiled it’s plans to launch two 3D Android headsets. Gaming publisher Capcom is looking to ride the wave as well; they have already announced they are developing 3D versions of popular franchises. Looks like hand held gaming devices are on the way out– RIP Gameboy.