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The Wireless Weekly: 12.15

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The Wireless Weekly: 12.15

Top Stories

  Nokia to Redesign UI in 2011
Nokia, once a giant when it came to cell phone market share, has lately found themselves in trouble with users aband oning their phones for other manufacturers and  smartphones. In hopes staying relevant, Nokia’s Director of Design Strategy Marko Ahtisaari said it plans to launch new devices with a completely new mobile UI in 2011. In defending his platform, Ahtisaari stated there are 3.5 million app downloads made daily in the Nokia store, and  that 1.3 billion people use Nokia hand sets every day. No small numbers, but will a UI redesign be a compelling enough reason to attract people from other platforms? The proof will be in the pudding.

  Gmail Creator Believes Chrome Will Merge with Android
Paul Buchheit, creator of one of the world’s most popular email services, recently speculated on Twitter that he believes both the Chrome and  Android operating systems will merge under the burgeoning Android umbrella. Given that Google just launched the Chrome OS pilot program last week, it’s unlikely that it will happen in the immediate future. But given statements from a Google co-founder that “Google will likely produce a single OS down the road,” and  the company’s tendency to scrap projects (Wave anyone?) after they fail to receive mass acceptance, Buchheit’s prediction does have some clout to it.

Teach and  Learn

–   Scientists create computer programmed bacteria
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