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The Wireless Weekly: 12.8

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The Wireless Weekly: 12.8

Top Stories

  Smartphone Users Prefer Mobile for Breaking News
In a survey of over 300,000 mobile users, 88% of whom had a device with a smartphone OS, more than 30% claimed the most important way to access breaking news was via their mobile phone. Over half of those surveyed said they plan to use their phone to access news more frequently in the coming year.

  Adesso Launches Case/Keyboard for iPad
Have an iPad but miss having the tactile response of a keyboard? Not anymore. Adesso has launched a combo case/keyboard for iPad that both protects your iPad and  serves as a keyboard that connects via bluetooth. Still, the solution begs the question that if there is no mouse needed for the device, why create a wireless keyboard? The lesson to be learned is tablets ≠ computers.

Learn and  Teach

–   The next big thing: “contextual discovery”, or Google results w/o search
–   Q & A: Why money doesn’t motivate file-sharers
–   An interesting way to stop piracy; insert vuvuzelas
–   Microsoft patents shape-shifting display