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The Wireless Weekly: 2.9

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The Wireless Weekly: 2.9

Top Stories

  Smartphone Sales Outpace PC sales
In Q4 of 2010, smartphone sales eclipsed PC sales for the first time in history. During this time period consumers purchased a whopping 100.9 million smartphones, as compared to 92 million purchases of PCs. What’s really crazy about the numbers is that within the last year alone, smartphone sales increased 74.4%; with PC quality chips inside of many phones, it’s no wonder computer sales are waning.

  Game Streaming; Coming to a Phone Near You?
With news of HTC’s significant investment into OnLive, a streaming game company, it looks like you might be able to stream games to your phone sooner rather than later. The company’s purchase of streaming video business Saffron Digital helps to add further fuel to the fire. If anyone could put together a quality cloud based gaming experience on a smartphone, HTC would be the company to do it.

Learn and  Teach

–   Mark Cuban thinks 3D TV is a fad
–   An EA simulation on Madden has picked the winners of 7/8 Super Bowls
–   European Scientists announce RoboEarth