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The Wireless Weekly

  Coke Introduces First Homescreen Ad
Last week Coke released a smart wallpaper for the and roid platform that turns phones’ home screens into live wallpapers. Well, of sorts. Once installed, the wallpaper changes based on how the user interacts with it; shake it and  the scene becomes a snow globe, tilt it and  the scene changes. Coke plans on promoting the ad via a mobile campaign on the adMob network.

  Citibank Opens its First “Bank of the Future”
It looks like the days of local bank tellers are over. Modeled after technologies the bank currently uses in Hong Kong and  Singapore, Citibank new flagship branch in New York City’s Union Square utilizes six interactive sales walls instead of the typical teller. With comfortable waiting areas and  free wifi, Citibank’s new changes ought to be easily accepted by customers.