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The Wireless Weekly 3.23

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The Wireless Weekly 3.23

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  Glasses-free 3D TV farther off then we think
Samsung has gone on the record to “clarify” a previous statement regarding the availability of glasses-free 3D TV sets within the next three years. According Samsung’s R&D department, Samsung can make glasses-free TV sets but only at the R&D level for now. The problem lies in the viewing angles; right now the ability to see 3D TV without glasses requires the viewer to be in a very specific spot. So until they figure out the sweet spot (which they estimate to be 10 years out) we’ll all be stuck rocking the thick glasses.

  Sprint to contest AT&T and  T-Mobile merger
When two of America’s largest wireless carriers announce plans to merge, someone is going to be upset. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has already vocalized his intentions to dispute the merger. His charge? It will “stifle innovation”. Whether the merger is a legitimate concern for the American public or just Hesse whining, it will be up to the courts to decide..

Learn and  Teach

  Dutch researchers are working on creating voice analysis software to prioritize emergency response
   Spring trying to combat distracted driving