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The Wireless Weekly: 11.17

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The Wireless Weekly: 11.17

  Bump Adds another Killer Feature
Given that you can share everything from contacts to pictures to money with Bump, the latest update allows music sharing between iPhones. To share music, simply select the tunes you wish to share and  then bump. The receiving phone can either stream the music via YouTube or buy them via iTunes. Not bad, but playlist sharing would be a nice add on– maybe next time?

  Real Mobile Payments Coming Soon
Wireless carriers ATT, Verizon, and  T-Mobile recently announced a joint venture to build Isis, “a national mobile commerce network that aims to funamentally transform how people shop, pay, and  save.”   Apple’s recent hiring of an NFC expert shows that hand set manufacturers are interested too. Here’s to hoping we can our cash and  credit cards at home sooner than later.