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TMA 10: Painting Paws Will Make Your Heart Melt

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TMA 10: Painting Paws Will Make Your Heart Melt

“Collaboration around a Shared Passion for a Local Cause” is TMA 10’s motto and  their living their motto through their work for the East Lake Pet Orphanage.  TMA 10 is a group of TMAers that come together the first Saturday of the month to help with the orphanage.

TMAers assisted ELPO with helping these doggies paint over 100 canvases to be auctioned off in April 25 at the Painting Paws Gala at Squash Bloom Studios.  The proceeds will help fund the orphanage and  the continued upkeep of dogs like the ones in the video.

The inspiration around TMA 10 is the saying, “it takes a village.”  10 people working together is much better value to organizations than one or two individuals working on different projects.  People across all TMA practice areas have assisted.

Videos like this will also be used on social media to spread the word about the animals and  improve their chances of being adopted.

If you have an idea to start another TMA 10 group for another cause, go for it!  It’s fun, rewarding and  you can meet other TMAers!