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TMA big idea at work: Doritos "Crashes" the Super Bowl

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TMA big idea at work: Doritos “Crashes” the Super Bowl

  Doritos Crash the Super Bowl, The Marketing Arm

The Doritos “  Crash the Super Bowl” program, a TMA-concepted promotion that produced three of the five top-rated ads on last year’s   USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter, has done it again.  A   consumer-created Doritos spot ranks atop the 2012 USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter, with another   coming in at No. 4.

In addition, USA Today described the promotion as ”  a social-media touchdown” for Doritos.

Three months before the Super Bowl, Doritos drove hundreds of thousand s of consumers to its website to vote on the two commercials it would air in the game. The company also reached out to bloggers.

“It’s gone way beyond the water cooler,” says   Ann Mukherjee, chief marketing officer at Frito-Lay. Now, she says, it’s an electronic water cooler with laptops, tablets and  mobile phones whirring before, during and  after the game. “Creating a relationship in social-media space is critical.”

Created and  launched in 2006, the “Crash” promotion is a ground-breaking campaign that has helped rejuventate the Doritos brand .  In December 2009, Adweek tabbed the program as one of the 10 best promotions of the decade.