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TMA debuts Art of Inspiration, The Catalogue

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TMA debuts Art of Inspiration, The Catalogue

TMA experiential strategist  Danny Litwak has been at this project for four years. It took time, energy and  zero budget, but he did it. Art of Inspiration and  the Catalogue debuted in Dallas on Wednesday with Danny leading a presentation and  discussion around inspiration before he presented the tool he created.

“The topic of creative inspiration is a world I’m fascinated by. Art of Inspiration and  The Catalogue are supposed to help you navigate the vague world of inspiration, help get you to whatever creative destination you are searching for, and  to give TMA’ers an incredible tool to use daily,” Litwak said.

The Catalogue, set up on Evernote, is a unique tool that allows TMA’ers to stay inspired by looking at ways to innovate based on past campaigns, events and  trends.

“Whether it’s reading material, competitive audits or searching for best in class examples of a certain industry, the Catalogue is just another way TMA is keeping our employees on the pulse,” Litwak said. “By no means is the Catalogue perfect, but I think there are always to improve it. I can’t wait to hear what other TMAers have to say and  listen to the suggestions that will only make this tool better each day.”

Key Takeaways from Art of Inspiration:
— Listening is key to gaining knowledge to be inspired.
— People think inspiration is a secret to everyone. That’s false. Anyone can be inspired to create.
— Doodling dramatically enhances the experience of learning.
— Don’t be afraid of failure.

Danny’s module of TMA’s Learning, Education and  Development program is just the latest new module this year, joining the Art of Presenting series, Art of Negotiating, Art of the Pitch and  others that were developed by other TMA’ers. TMA has revamped its training program to place more stress on education to make the programs more of a two-way street for TMA’ers learning and  TMA’ers teaching.