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TMA Helps Local Business Sell More 'Psychadelicious' Donuts

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TMA Helps Local Business Sell More ‘Psychadelicious’ Donuts

  James St. Peter, the guy who sold doughnuts out of his car before he sold doughnuts out of a pizza shop before he sold doughnuts out of   Hypnotic Donuts, is also the recipient of 12 massive signs in and  around Dallas.

TMA donated the billboards free of charge as part of our “give back to the community” campaign which helps small, local business with a special initiative.

  Michael Lozito, senior account executive at TMA, said the project, called Radius D, seeks to help growing, new businesses while also stoking creativity within the agency. Lozito looked for a fun, small companies that would likely benefit from a marketing push, and  also give his team a chance to work on a project that gets them thinking outside their regular clients.


Now it’s up to St. Peter to capitalize on the message. He’s holding a doughnut run early next year that asks runners to pound a doughnut before running 3.2 miles, and  holding a toy drive for Children’s Medical Center.

So watch out Dallas, “psychadelicious” doughnuts are taking over the city!

*Thanks to the   Dallas Observer Food Blog for publishing the original article.