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TMA unveils SocialNOW

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TMA unveils SocialNOW

Last week our colleagues at Fanscape announced an exciting new addition to the suite of tools The Marketing Arm offers to our clients– SocialSUITE.

SocialSUITE is a listening and  social analytics platform that includes our own proprietary social ROI formula. At the core of the experience is socialNOW, an interactive real time dashboard for social monitoring. SocialNOW pulls in data from six different vendors and  is fully customizable to the needs of our clients.

We are thrilled to announce this new system of tools and  that they are being seeing used by our clients. With these new tools we are better able to

– Deliver actionable social marketing recommendations
– Forecast results up front before campaigns begin, and 
– Provide context to the results using industry benchmarks from our own database of past results.

Additionally, Fanscape’s monthly or quarterly social listening and  monitoring services can be sold independent of its social execution. For more information, please contact   Greg Boles or   Lisa Warnock.