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TMA'ers on panel for Peace Through Business

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TMA’ers on panel for Peace Through Business

TMA’ers    Sara Hightower,   Mike Johnson,   Claire de la Chapelle and    Corey Lark (from left to right below) presented to Peace Through Business, a business mentorship program for women entrepreneurs in Rwand a and  Afghanistan last week.


The program provides women with relevant classes, resources, and  mentors in order to help them succeed and  pave the way for other women entrepreneurs in their country. The students visited Dallas for a two week business intensive conference and  it was there that the group presented to these all-star students, who are hosted by AT&T each summer.

“Speaking to the women was a treat, but the best part of it all was simply meeting them and  hearing their stories. I was so inspired by their bravery and  amazed at their persistence to make their dreams a reality despite adversity,” Claire said. “It was a delight to encounter their joy that seemed to be unmoved by circumstance, but rooted in the way they view life. So grateful to have a client like AT&T who is committed to equipping women globally in business.” 


Claire and  the group were a part of a program that saw business leaders from various industries meeting with the students to equip them with skills to ensure their business flourishes when they return.


Corey was immediately excited to help, but once she learned of the stories of the 23 women the group was presenting to, she was “completely humbled.”

“While each story was different, every single one of them told of perseverance, courage and  passion. I’m grateful for the afternoon spent with these women, learning about their lives, businesses, struggles and  dreams. Wish I could be there to see them put their new skills and  knowledge to work and  crush it!”

For more information on Peace Through Business, visit the   IEEW’s website.