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TMA's Newest Capability

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TMA’s Newest Capability

It’s no secret that sports fans are passionate; besides their heroes on the field/court/arena fans care about everything under the sun–leagues, teams, venues, events, etc. But not all things are created equally, especially when it comes to sponsorships. How are brand  marketers to decide which sponsorships make the most sense for them across hundreds of properties? To better answer their questions we took matters into our own hand s, and  today we are proud to reveal a new product for our clients: the Sports Property Index.

The Sports Property Index, or SPI, measures the value of a sports property across 9 separate dimensions: avidity, awareness, appeal, breakthrough, endorsement, excitement, influence, trendsetter and  trust. While the index is oriented towards brand  marketers, the research accounts for all sorts of demographic and  geographic data so sports properties would find the index useful as well. By aggregating the scores from avidity, appeal, and  excitement, The Marketing Arm created the passion index to compare properties head to head. This way, a team or venue can see which sponsorships make the most sense if they are trying to reach a particular fan.

TMA is thrilled to add this capability to our agency, which will be formally introduced at this week’s World Congress of Sports in Miami. For more information about the index and  how it can help your clients make better, more strategic sponsorship decisions,   read this article from Sports Business Journal and  contact Mary O’Connor.