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Tom Edwards talks MLB At Bat app hitting 5MM downloads

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Tom Edwards talks MLB At Bat app hitting 5MM downloads

The At Bat mobile app reached the five-million download mark on Saturday, its earliest point in its eight-year history. TMA EVP, Strategy & Innovation, Tom Edwards, talked about the mobile implications and  how Major League Baseball may be targeting a younger audience.

Q: To what degree is the app a way for MLB to connect with younger audiences via mobile given baseball fans tend to be older on average than for some other sports?
TE: The key for MLB’s At Bat strategy is the portability and  access to content. By providing a personalized approach to content consumption as well as live look-in’s the MLB app provides flexibility regardless of market. This is especially appealing to younger fans who may want instant access to content.

Q: What do these downloads say about the power of mobile to enhance consumption not just of one game but of the whole universe of the Major League Baseball season for highly engaged fans?
TE: The MLB approach to accessibility and  cross-device support is key to early success and  success will be sustained throughout the season as MLB has struck the ideal balance between portability and  personalization.