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Tons O' Links: ITK Recap

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Tons O’ Links: ITK Recap


Another stellar edition of TMA’s ITK is in the books.  The first session of 2012 was brought to us by a team that featured   Brad Alesi,   Scott Biggers,   Kate Kemp,   Tom Edwards,   Jeff Erickson and    Bryon Morrison.

Here’s an abbreviated recap of some of the material they covered:

–   The Kindness Cab – Call a phone number, get a free cab ride in your city.
–   Mini “Fan the Flame” – Burn the rope, win the car.
–   Swap-o-matic – Vending machine encouraging users to trade, not buy.
–   Hip-Hop basslines power medical devices.
–   LikeBelt – NFC powered like-enabled belt.
– Facebook’s   new timeline apps.
– Facebook timeline   movie maker.
–   P4RC – The game achievement network.
–   Hot Pocket Xbox controller mod.
–   Viggle – Watch TV, get rewards.
–   Chevy Game Time Super Bowl app – Win 1 of 20 Chevy vehicles.
–   PrePlay – Real time predictions on NFL games (and  more).
–   Little Printer by Berg Cloud – Turn your feeds into a mini-newspaper of sorts.
–   Instead – App inspiring you to live below your means to help give more.
–   Photoblocker – Keep your face out of embarrassing photos.
–   Boxx – The one meter vehicle.
–   GM Interactive windows concept.
–   Chronicle promo – Flying people above NY.
– The   phone stack – First to grab their phone at dinner pays.
–   iFakeText – Generate fake text conversations.

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