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Top 10 Tweets from the Last Few Weeks

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Top 10 Tweets from the Last Few Weeks

If you follow The Marketing Arm on Twitter, you already know we cover the most important happenings in the technology/promotions/ad world as they develop. But in today’s digital world where things change at thousand  miles, or tweets, per hour, it’s sometimes helpful to have someone else do the hard work for you. That’s where we come in.

To help get you up to speed, we’ll be sharing some of the best content from our Twitter account   @TheMarketingArm. Make sure to follow us to get the updates in realtime, as these are only a small selection of what we cover on a regular basis.

Without further ado, the top 10 tweets of the last few weeks:

–   Twitter launches promoted tweets
–   Facebook rolls out new ads API for marketers
–   Scientists find the tipping point for big ideas is a 10% consensus
–   Venture for America; like Teach for America but for businesses and  entrepreneurs
–   How Facebook’s mobile usage breaks down by platform
–   Advertisers begin to look beyond Facebook and  Twitter
–   The new face of mobile couponing
–   Adobe launches new HTML5 design tool
–   Digital body language and  online cues
–   Virtual goods revenue expected to hit $653 million this year