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We came, We bowled, We conquered

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We came, We bowled, We conquered


It’s hard to imagine TMA National Bowling Day getting any better than it already is. You get awesome hang time with your co-workers, you get to knock stuff down, wear cool shoes, and  there’s always a free   supply of beer flowing nearby. It also helps that it’s the only “sport” where being out of shape almost works to your advantage.

This year we had over 300 TMAers bowling at the exact same time in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and  New York. In the end, the Blue Team barely edged out the White Team by .07 average score over the two games. A year of trash talk well-deserved!

bowling day 2013 final scores

The good:   Jason Greenfield in the Dallas office rolled the high game of the day with an impressive 195!

The bad and  the ugly:   Ren Pia in our Greenwich office rolled an unfathomable 39. Is that even possible?