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Weintraub: Twitter needed to adapt, or be passed

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Weintraub: Twitter needed to adapt, or be passed

Twitter announced a move away from their 140-character limit the platform was built on and  also   no longer being penned in by @ mentions, links, GIFs, etc. We just love that. Times are changing and  Twitter needs a boost anyway.

TMA’s Chief Innovation Officer Larry Weintraub saw Twitter’s move to expand  from its 140-character limit as a response to the competition for share of social voice rising in the world.

“Numerous platforms are vying for a slice of people’s time and  attention span,” Weintraub said. “Where Facebook and  Twitter once ruled the roost, Snapchat and  Instagram, have grabbed precious user minutes along with developing longer essay formats like Medium.”

Twitter was built on users being forced to be concise, but now with screenshots as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, the character limit is becoming obsolete. Twitter has had trouble keeping up with other social channels and  its struggling stock is a nod to that.

Weintraub says the ability to adapt to the times is the most important things companies (especially tech companies) can do. Twitter realized that if it didn’t change, it’d be passed and  with the change, searchable text and  a potentially more user-friendly experience will come from it.

“Twitter has obviously assessed that users need more characters to get their point across and  in response they are making these changes,” Weintraub said. “They’ve done well recognizing the need to add live video and  visuals to their platform to stay relevant, so this small yet significant character addition is a good one for Twitter.”

Too early to tell what this means for Twitter’s stock prices, but it gives more freedom to the user to express themselves and  in the end, isn’t that what it was built for?