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What’s a Fan Worth to You?

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What’s a Fan Worth to You?

Friend us. Follow me. Share this. If you’re active in the social space there’s no doubt you’ve been asked (or bothered) to “like” a brand  at some point. Yet despite requests from both real/Facebook friends to follow their own causes, people willingly follow brand s and  company via social media. Just like you have reason for following your brother’s amateur comedian fan page (obligation), there a number of other motivations for following fortune 500s.

Some Facebook pages and  Twitter accounts have over a million fans or followers, many have attempted to put a dollar value on fans. But because there are many reasons for a person to follow or friend a brand  is is difficult to put a one-size-fits-all value on them. Some companies have estimated the value of a fan to be everything from   $3.60 to   $136.38 to, perhaps the most appropriate,   nothing.

So how much are you social relations worth? Just as consumers have different reasons for following brand s, the social relationship value varies. Find out more in our white paper, The Value of a Social Relationship.