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Willie Baronet's "We Are All Homeless" Installation.

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Willie Baronet’s “We Are All Homeless” Installation.

At the end of the Concepts and  Strategy summit a few months ago, Smitty challenged each member of the team to come up with their own project that demonstrated the creative energy and  culture within TMA. Since then CAR members have put together a few In Tha’ Know sessions, a Pecha Kucha night at the Old Oak Cliff Lodge, and  even sponsored an event at the DSVC field day. But this event brings it all home – for her culture project, art director Nikki Duong-Koenig plans on having quarterly art installations at our own offices.

The first installation, opening today, is Willie Baronet’s project entitled “We Are All Homeless.” The artist will be present at 4:00 today for discussion; drinks and  nibbles will be served. We hope to see you there at what will undoubtedly become a wonderful regular event. Props to Nikki for her hard work, and  if you are unable to attend the event in person, check out our Flickr set of the installation for more pictures.