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Wireless Weekly 4.13

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Wireless Weekly 4.13

Top Stories

  How to Make Mobile Happen
With over 70% of the world now having access to a mobile phone and  sales of smartphones growing 75% annually, ignoring the mobile space can be a dangerous move   akin to agencies denying the importance of digital. Now that many mobile phones come GPS enabled and  can access near full internet from your phone, mobile programs are now more capable than ever. With that in mind, here are some great insights from Memeburn’s coverage of the Ad Age Digital conference on how to grow the best ways to enhance your mobile strategy. Among the lessons to be learned: marketers need to deepen their relationships with data, consider the global market, and  not hold back on beta releases.

  Why NFC Matters
Although we purchase things daily, whether with cash or credit card/in-store or online, we hardly give the action any thought. Regardless, payment is a layer of the purchase process that is becoming increasingly more important to simplify. The field has even attracted the attention of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey with the creation of   Square, a service enabling everyone with a smartphone to accept credit cards (Dorsey has boldly stated “payment is a form of communication”). With the advent of NFC communication being the next big addition to smartphones, NFC has the potential to revolutionize the payment process; check the linked article for examples of how NFC will ultimately change mobile transactions for the benefit of everyone.

Learn and  Teach

  Bump: moving beyond people and  things
  Baby connection: the two part baby making app that brings dad into the process