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Wireless Weekly: 2.16

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Wireless Weekly: 2.16

Top Stories

  HTC Launches Facebook Phones
Although Facebook has yet to go on the record of saying they are working on a Facebook phone, nothing is stopping hand set manufacturers from developing their own versions. This week HTC unveiled two (unfortunately) named phones, the ChaCha and  the Salsa. Both hand sets feature an oddly placed, context- sensitive Facebook button at the bottom of the phone. The button lights up and , upon touching, it will instantly publish whatever current phone activity is happening with your news feed. Sounds like an accident waiting to happen, but hopefully the two won’t get as bad a rap as   the Microsoft Kin.

  Apple App Store Gets App Subscriptions
While it was somewhat confirmed with the launch of the Daily, App store users no longer have to download individual issues of their favorite publications with the advent of  in-app subscriptions. With one-click subscriptions available, the process will be easy for most people to figure out. Subscribers will also be happy to know that publishers won’t be getting a bunch of personal information from them besides name, email, and  their zip code– and  that’s only with their permission. Sounds like subscriptions are a win for consumers and  a draw for publishers.

  OnLive Comes to the HTC Flyer
As we learned in   last week’s Wireless Weekly, smartphone manufacturer HTC made a significant investment into the cloud-based streaming game company OnLive. Both companies are moving quickly on the project, as OnLive released a video of CEO Steve Perlman demoing the service on a new HTC Flyer tablet. The service was impressive; there was little latency, and  features the same UI as those familiar with the TV and  PC versions of OnLive. Users can even hook up an HTC phone to a TV using HDMI out and  play OnLive games on a screen all without using a console. If OnLive can capture the cloud based gaming market a la Netflix, gaming studios better figure out a solution while they still can.

Learn and  Teach

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