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Wireless Weekly: 2.23

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Wireless Weekly: 2.23

Top Stories

  A Mobile App for Medical Records
With large numbers of people embracing new kinds of healthcare delivery such as   Hello Health, patients and  doctors are leveraging technology together to reinvent the field of healthcare. Now, thanks to Palomar Pomerado Health, doctors will now be able to view your medical records across any provider using any software system on an app developed for the Android platform. The app will also allow doctors to send records and  video chat with each other– services which should help them help us get better quicker.

  iPad 2 Coming Soon
While most Apple announcements come shrouded in secrecy, there are a few things people have come to expect; an iPhone every year, and  now iPads. Apple has apparently begun sending out official invites to an iPad related event to be held on March 2nd, nearly a year after the initial iPad was released. It’s reasonable to expect a front facing camera, improved resolution, and  maybe an SD card slot; but   don’t expect a complete leak before the event à la the new MacBook Pro.

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