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Wireless Weekly: 3.2

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Wireless Weekly: 3.2

Top Stories

  Control Your Phone by Touching Yourself
Although that sounds weird, it’s exactly a project that Microsoft is taking upon itself to make a reality. A number of engineers at Microsoft are researching solutions to the problem of answering your phone when your hand s are full; current studies include how to take advantage of muscular vibrations and  electrical signals. While such innovations are definitely still a few years out, they have the potential to revolutionize how we use our mobile devices; think Kinect, but in the context of mobile.

  Interactive Apps Teach Kids to Read
With the advent of the iPad and  kids being hand ed their parents iPhone to entertain them, it’s no surprise that children aren’t learning how to read via books anymore. Now, parents can simply download an iPad/iPhone interactive story app and  pass it off to their kid, no instructions needed. Perhaps it’s a good thing that BOB books are gone. Well, not completelyā€“   they’ve been converted into apps now.

  Patient Monitoring System Gets FDA Approval
Much healthcare innovation seems to be happening in the mobile space. Just this week, wireless communications company Ascom made the announcement that Cardiomax, one of its products, received FDA clearance as a medical device. The product will help deliver real time (or near real time) updates from patients monitoring devices to doctors’ mobile devices, which include pagers and  cell phones.

Learn and  Teach

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