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Wireless Weekly 3.9

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Wireless Weekly 3.9

Mobile Minute: how tablets will impact mobile marketing

Top Stories

  Chrome Graduates from Beta
This week Google’s browser became a big boy, graduating from beta to an official stable release. New improvements include much faster browsing and  syncing across Internet-enabled devices. If you’re still not using Chrome check it out; it’s worth it for the exhausting list of extensions alone (  Reading Glasses has to be one of the best productivity extensions of all time).

  US Doctors prefer Apple
Not in reference to the fruit, but to the manufacturer. According to a survey by Aptilon Corp, nearly 40% of physicians said they plan on purchasing an iPad in the coming year. But perhaps even more important is of the doctors surveyed who already own an iPad, 60% said they use it for tasks such as reviewing patient data and  completing paperwork.

Learn and  Teach

–  Under Armour’s e39 performance shirt is electric